Shruthi-1 RGB collection up for sale

What could be better than a hand-assembled Shruthi-1 in an unusual case color?

3 hand-assembled Shruthi-1s in R, G, B cases!

And some background… I have built those initially for a music project - have a track composed and played on 3 Shruthi-1s. One unit for the drums, one for the bass, one for the lead/arps (guess which filter for which usage…) with the idea of 3 basic, essential and distinct elements combined together (hence the primary colors). Since I have very little resources for making music at the moment, I’ve figured out someone might make a better use of them.

i like the white buttons! really cool.
cool price also, btw!

My eyes are no good, I didn’t see a price?


Those look fantastic! I love the coloured cases… hint hint

There’s also a solo SSM2044 unit (with a super-crisp yellow/green display) available for 299€



congrats olivier! really nice boxes…