Shruthi-1 review in 'Sound on Sound'

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@6581punk I’m Karl Bartos, and where are my royalties, you bastard…

Not really. I am coincidentally in Germany at the moment though. Just coming to the end of a short break in Berlin with my girlfriend.


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I recently got an ipad, and just realised I could grab the ipad edition of the mag. Sorted! (That must be a new feature for SOS)

I thought it a great review for a number of reasons… Like, it seems very honest and thorough. It’s nice to see a good review that isn’t from one of the big advertisers for a change. Plus, it’s good to see DIY stuff in SOS.

Im sure many moons ago SOS used to have regular DIY features(?). But thats been pretty rare of late, even though DIY audio electronics appears to be on the up… So it would be good to see more of it, whether it is Mutable Instruments gear or not.
Anyway, well done to Martin and Olivier of course :slight_smile:

PS, if I put my nitpicking hat on for a moment… Polychaining… You can link 8 Shruthi’s rather than 4, no?

According to my Gain of Weight ill soon be David Paich…

It’s good that a smaller company gets a look in, it’s all so easy to just review the big manufacturers or the million soft-
synths. Not to mention the fact that a reviewer would need to build it too, which is a huge undertaking for most people.

Yes, I had to chuckle when tb323 suggested on this thread back in July that Paul Nagle could review the Shruthi for SOS - I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know one end of a soldering iron fromt he other, but my review had already been finished and sent to SOS :wink:


That’s funny. :slight_smile: My guess is that a lot of people are going to buy soldering stations after this review.

this is awesome!
congrats, and thanks!

Just a short note to say that I’ve now posted on the SOS Forum the text from the ‘missing box’ text that couldn’t be fitted into my Shruthi-1 magazine review.

Olivier has already seen it, and since it mentions the open nature of the Mutable Instruments range and gives a plug to Frank’s programmer kits, here’s a LINK to anyone who wants a peep:



Thanks for the shameless promotion…

My pleasure - you deserved it so it’s a shame it didn’t appear in the final version, and I also suspect even more SOS readers might have purchased Shruthis if they knew about your one-knob-per-parameter option pack