Shruthi-1 review in 'Sound on Sound'

There’s a very positive review of Shruthi-1 in the Sept issue of the OK magazine ‘Sound on Sound’ written by the excellent Martin Walker:

To read the whole article, you either have to buy the magazine or pay (0.99 GBP) to download a pdf file of the article, but here’s the summary:

Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1 €140
• A proper monophonic MIDI synth that’s superbly versatile for the price!
• Great for treating external audio.
• Various desirable filter alternatives.
• Excellent freeware software editor available.
• You have to build it yourself, so some soldering experience is desirable.
• The acrylic case keeps the cost down, but is less suitable for gigging than a metal one.
If you’re handy with a soldering iron, the Shruthi 1 is the cheapest way I know to get hold of an incredibly versatile, MIDI-driven monosynth.

Congratulations, Olivier!


Congratz But not agree for the Acrylic case, no problem with it! never!

yeah, I also don’t see the problem, so far the plexy case seems quite resistant also for live use.

Well I already managed to break some cases :wink: A metal case as a premium option would definitely be nice.

I’ve seen people drop keyboards. So it’s easy to imagine how a plastic case could get crushed.

The article also mentions PreenFM, although they say it is using a Yamaha FM chip which it isn’t (fully C++ based sound generation like Shruthi-1). Why do reviewers always get things wrong?

slip of the tongue? obviously they were thinking about the sammichFM… :slight_smile:

Yeah, sounds like a slip of the tongue to me, the reviewer was obviously thinking about the SammichFM.

I don’t think it affects the overall positive tone of the review :wink:


Fantastic news - congrats Olivier! I consider SOS to be the absolute tops in terms of magazines, and such a positive review (by a very well regarded author) is truly a testament to your efforts!

Can’t beat a bit of free advertising. I like how the helpful people on the forum get a mention :slight_smile:

Just imagine what they would think about an Ambika!

It was a great review-no negatives-just shows that an excellent product can get through even if it isn’t prebuilt and sold through music distributors. Hope this shames the French and American gear magazines into covering Mutable stuff…the guy obviously spent time on the forum to do his research, which is probably where his mention of the PreenFM and MeeBlip comes from.

I’ll grab a copy tomorrow and check it out.

Still, this post is kinda funny! Nice one Martin :wink:

Tee hee - that Martin Walker fella does get about a bit! :wink: Think I’ll trouble my local newsy for a copy too.

I remember him now, the C64 musician :slight_smile:

Congratulations Olivier, good coverage in a very well respected techie magazine.

Also, the £ buys a few more € than it did a couple of years ago, so that’ll hopefully prod a few more people over here into getting their credit cards out!

Ha, I was wondering when we’d see an SOS review when I noticed Martin was on the boards here. Well deserved, Olivier. And thanks for your work at SOS, Martin - as a long-time reader I’ve made a bunch of PC purchases based on PC Notes over the years.

Congratulations, Olivier !

Thanks guys - I was wondering how long it would be before the penny dropped, but my secret identity is finally common knowledge :wink:

@moshang: glad my columns have helped you in the past.

@Olivier: congratulations for designing such a fine product! :slight_smile:


oh an uexpected twist at the end! This forum never fails to surprise me!

@yewtreemagic Wait until you try the Ambika :slight_smile:

I have a confession guys: I’m Jordan Ruess.