Shruthi-1 project completed

I’ve assembled the latest version of the filter board, all good beside one resistor value. Will ask the board manufacturer to update the silkscreen, it shouldn’t be as expensive as a new run from scratch.

The revised filter has more character than the previous version, mostly because it pushes more aggressively the input signal outside of the OTA “safe linearity” range, so it becomes a bit more fuzzy and distorted (in a tube amp way). Also, and I can’t explain this besides the use of a different (and more expensive) brand of capacitors in the filter, it sounds a bit more “liquid”. My SSM2044 filter breadboard is in ruins so I can’t test it, but I wouldn’t be surprised that it matched more closely the SSM2044.

Since the filter is now always stable, the resonance can be pushed up to saturation without crashing the filter. The resistor value I have changed allows this to be changed with a trimmer - you have the option of trimming this gain setting so the filter will start to self-oscillate at resonance = 60, and will become very horny at resonance = 63. I have left some blank pads on the filter board so you can solder a LED or Zener soft clipper.

Will build a last instance of the digital board to have better assembly pics, and will order boards in quantity. Here we go!

yay! congratulations!

yeah! that’s great, congratulations!

Yes good news !
about me it’s time to holiday !
See you in 15 days !
Have nice time shruti people :slight_smile:

Awesome, congrats Olivier!

She’s a thing of beauty!

truly a design triumph.

don’t need it…BUT WANT IT FOR SURE

Congreets dude

beautiful work, Olivier!

Pure synth-porn. Brilliant.

Any idea when the kits will be available for sale, and how long you’ll be able to keep up with demand on they’re released? I badly want one of these, but I might not be in a position to jump onto one of the first batches this time so it’d be good to get an idea of how critical the timing is this time around.


@Electrodruid. Boards ordered. Will order the rest of the parts this week-end. Already have ICs, switches/pots, screens, connectors for 100 units.

Will sell a few units privately (ie, on this forum) as soon as I receive everything (mid august) and if all goes well, I ramp up (beginning of september). The goal is to prepare 30 to 50 kits per month until everybody gets tired of it :slight_smile: Shipping to too many people at a time and handling the support is not going to work well if too many people are served at the same time - I’ll adjust the number of kits per month depending on how things turn out.

I’ll set up some time this week a proper “online shop” section on the site. I’ll sell PCBs, full kits, and the not-so-standard parts (LCD screens, flashed chips, audio connectors, spacers/screws packs) ; with a big QUANTITY AVAILABLE counter. Things are no longer going to happen by email like before.

At the moment I’m finishing up the patch library and populating the sequencer memory with plenty of short bassline patterns.

I agree with the others, it’s a thing of beauty, you managed to improve the original Shruti-1 while not loosing any of it’s greatness.
I would actually love to have one of those too! But I have imposed myself to wait until I have finished the case for the Shruti-1 (I know it’s taking me ages… ) and then make at least one song completely with the device! So it’s great to know that as long as there will be demand you will sell these! I have also a friend who would like one…

woo hoo! Loving the sammich style…

hmmmmm does that mean i’ll be able to order something like a complete kit including flashed chip, just without the pcb mount pots, jacks & tact switches (but with the original LCD) if i prefer it panel mount all the way?

The cases I want to cover are:

  • The guy who wants to source everything by himself and only wants a PCB (and maybe the flashed chip)
  • The guy who wants to source everything by himself except the parts that he might not have in stock (connectors, LCD)
  • The full kit

Your case is a bit special and your best option will be to get the PCB + Flashed chip + LCD - besides that it’s mostly resistors and capacitors and commonplace ICs.

sounds good to me

That thing looks so good. I’m looking forward to making songs with one of these. Not looking forward to putting it together though.

on the contrary I AM SO PUMPED to put another of these together.