Shruthi-1 product placement

Internet blah blah e-G8 blah blah entrepreneur Sarkozy blah blah blah Facebook blah blah blah C++ templates error messages? OMG a Shruthi-1!




Who’s that debonair chap holding the Shruthi? :wink:

Huh, me

Shame the screen they show in closeup immediately before appears to be full of error messages :wink:


Yeah, you see C++ templates error messages, they see the Matrix :slight_smile:

oooOoooOo Massive error ! :smiley:
Love the almost Angelina Jolie-like missus youre working with… Aaaaaand Shruthi -1 Wohhhooo …Now you just need to get your name out with it :wink:

You should have put a windows “animated text” screensaver on the computer saying “buy a Shruthi-1” :smiley:

hehe the message as is, and even more subtle seems to be like, oh, a Shruthi-1, i already have some

I thought that, too, rosch!


Wich vidéo???

the link in the opening post of this thread

Will on a computer on m’y phone there’s a vidéo list…

ok i’ve seen our god on TV yeahhhh