Shruthi 1 problems with capacitor

When I assemblied the shruthi 1 I inverted the capacitor. It worked, but it had noise in one out put.
I resolved the problem and know I have a problem with the memory. I can put on the unit but there is no preset, no memory. All the pixels of the screen lit on as well as the LEDs but I doesn´t work. I suppose the memory is erased. What circuit do I hace to change. Which is the memory chip and where do I get it?

How do you know that all presets are erased if the screen is fully lit?

the unit was working but unexpetedly stoped working during de proof,when y reestarted
the unit the screen and the LEDs all it¨s on but the unit not respond,before it stoped
the screen working properly.they apear not to contrast problem.wath do you think about it?.

Then it’s certainly not a problem with the patch memory!

And the processor does not erase itself for no reason.

Check the soldering of the quartz and the nearby capacitors; and check that the ATMega644p is correctly pushed in the socket.

Is it an LCD screen? When all pixels are “lit” on an LCD, that usually means the contrast control / trimmer is set to something wrong.

For oled/led displays that’s irrelevant.

Hello Pichenetes, I checkted the weldings of the screen and the capacitors and they are ok. I´checkted as well the ATMega644p and it is in its place and it is in the correct position.
After that the diferences of before is that when I regulate the trimmer, the screen is working diferent the upper part and the low part, I mean, it is like the screen is divided in two parts, up and down and they are working in a diferent way.

The SlowGroth, what do you think about it?

But does the processor boot? What do you see on screen?

When the processor doesn’t boot at all, it’s normal that the first line of the screen is filled with squares while the second line is empty.