Shruthi-1 printable case

Hi everybody
Recently I have purchased this great synth and designed a printable case for it. Here are some pictures of my prints and a link to the thingiverse page where I posted the project. Needless to say you can print it in whatever colors you choose.
Thank you and happy printing and playing with this super synth.

Cool design. 14 hours to print must be a long time, plus hoping that it doesn’t have a fault.

This is surely the Olivetti (pun intended) case for the Shruthi designed by Ettore Sottsass himself?

Thanks. 14 hours aren’t that much in 3d printing geek terms, the two big parts took around 4-5 hours each. I spent a lot more time on stuff a lot less useful. The printing speed may also vary a lot depending on the printer model and resolution. If you like the design you can send the files to a printing service and skip the whole hassle.

That really is cool! I’m trying to convince myself to get a 3d printer.

Ha ha BennenlongBicyclist, you nailed it more than you intended.

@builder2000: So your design is channelling Sottsass? Could you print a Eurorack case inspired by this famous design of his?

@BennelongBicyclist, I ment your pun nailed it in a different way, not regarding the design but rather myself…since I’m an architect too, but not quite like Ettore Sottsass and I’m Romanian, also Latin like Sottsass but not Italian, I thought the vague similarities were pretty funny given the differences. As for the design I didn’t channel Sottsass, I thought since ABS has vivid colors, something in the plasticky with vivid colors way of the 90’s would work, in the lines of the E-mu Command Station but purple was out of the question and orange looked better to me than yellow. Regarding your request, I think it’s doable…I see a lot of racks and half racks there, some displays will be hard to read but what the heck, that’s why midi was invented.

lovely case !

love that case. would fit perfect next to my lego chronome .-)
14hours print doesn´t sound cheap, when you´re not owning a 3d printer. Rough idea about the cost? Btw. Did you design a printable case for a Ambika as well?

not having access to a 3d printer… anyone have one of these cases for sale?