Shruthi 1 power supply

Hi everyone I have to buy a power supply for the shruthi 1. In the manual it doesn’t specify the intensity (ampere=A=) it has to be. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Buy one with more than 400mA and you are on the safe side.

Note that this number represents the maximum amount of current the power supply will deliver. There is absolutely nothing wrong with connecting a power supply delivering a maximum of 500mA or 1000mA to the Shruthi - in practice it will deliver only what the Shruthi needs.

Many power supplies won’t deliver what they say, so if you need 500mA get one that supplies a bit more such as 750mA or 1amp.

The Shruthi needs between 100 and 150mA (depending on the kind of display used), so even with a good safety margin of 100%, 300mA is enough.

Thank you guys! Really nice of you for the quick response I will surely ask you more advices in the future! Have a nice day :slight_smile: