Shruthi-1 Patch structure

In Shruthi-1 Sysex patch dump, I understand nibbles from 01/02( OSC1 Shape) to nibbles 134/135 (Modulation 12 Amount) but that are nibbles of 136 to 183 ?
Thank you for your help.

Have you seen this?

The offsets are in bytes ; so starting at nibble 136 you have the patch name ; 152 the 4 custom assigned parameters ; 168 the data for the second filter and so on…

Thank you pichenettes.

In 4 pôles filter board, “Filter Mode” (byte = 172) and “Flavour” (byte = 173) do not use two nibbles but juste one ?
Seq mode, and Arp parameters, do not save in patch ?

The 172th byte stores the filter mode settings. First nibble is filter 1 mode ; second nibble is filter 2 mode (or resonance flavour for 4PM).

Seq mode and arp parameters are not saved with the patch.