Shruthi-1 Output way too high

Hi all,

Total noob on this forum, and coming straight in with a cry for help… Please accept my apologies for this shocking lack of decorum :slight_smile:

I’ve just picked up a ready built shruthi-1, but the output is coming in way too hot and I cannot for the life of me find a way to lower it in the manual or by cycling through the menus. I’ve tried changing the firmware and have swapped PSUs to a blofeld PSU in case that was the issue, but so far no dice.

Hoping someone can help!

Check the midi implementation for the correct midi message(midi volume) to send to the shruthi, I can’t remember it.

The shruthi is very hot, you could have asked your builder to add the optional volume potentiometers, to dial it down a bit.

Use a Mixer and move the Gain fader CCW :wink:

Or you could solder in the Volume Pot on the Bridged Pad next to the Audio Out Jack, any 10k Pot will do (you probably want a logarithmic one so its a 10kB type).

If you want to have a fixed attenuation Ratio you could as well solder there 2 10K Resistors to get only half the output Voltage.

Reducing the Output via MIDI isn’t the best idea because this will just scale down the VCA control voltage thus using significantly from the already not so high Resolution to a range where stepping will be audible.


Yes. That’s not going to be solved by software, since what decides the output gain is the hardware! Maybe there was an assembly mistake in your unit - a common mistake brings a lot of MASSIVE distortion on the output. But even correctly assembled, the output level is higher than line level. There are simple hardware mods to lower it, like lowering the resistor value in the feedback loop of the final op-amp.

Punaise :slight_smile:

3 responses in the time it took me to work out that I can use CC 7 to lower volume. This forum redefines the term “active”. Amazing.

Sadly, I have no contact with the builder (someone in Italy apparently) as it’s third hand unit. My soldering skills haven’t been deployed since basic electronics classes at school when I was 14, but this wee beasty is making me keen to start again.

As regards assembly mistakes, I’m concerned there may be one as the output is so hot as to be unusable unless lowered by 70% before playing a patch…

What is the synth connected to anyway?

audio: Steinberg MR816X
midi: midi mate 2 (until i get some more midi cables)

into Live 9 on OSX

@squirts Turning the gain down on the MR816X doesn’t help? The level is still to hot when you do that?

first move when the speaker-shredding volume kicked in.

input on my channel is all the way to the left. if there was a minus 11, i’d be going for that :slight_smile:

MR816X input is set to line? If it’s set to mic or instrument (Hi-Z) it would be way to sensitive.

And… my first facepalm moment on this forum: First time using channel 8, and I hadn’t set the signal attenuator on it so it was still on mic setting.

New synths / no sleep / basic nonsense

Cheers for pitching in everybody, i’ll get my coat now :slight_smile:

@bytefrenzy: lol, simultaneous post.

cheers bud. i’m so embarrassed right now. haha.

Of course I immediately thought of this because something similar has never happened to me…

Ha :slight_smile: Good to know I’ll be in esteemed company on this board then.

On another, note, I’m totally smitten with Shruthi… Really quick and easy to pull amazing sounds out of it. Absolutely fantastic.

@squirts Don’t worry; I’m sure we’re all happy that you got the issue resolved. :slight_smile:

@squirts: Yep, you have to be careful with the Shruthi volume. Also make sure to not just run the output directly to headphones, as this can hurt your ears.

Also, we are all a little obsessed with out Shruthis and other MI gear here. :wink: