Shruthi-1 -newby assembling experience

hello folks,

i´m pretty new here in the forum and just wanted to share some thoughts with you. last night at exactly 00.00 i finnished assembling my Shruthi-1 which took me two days, appr. 8 hours a day. so total of appr. 16 hours. I did it very slowly an carefully and listened very carefully of the advices here in the forum. one of them was to check, double-check and re-check what to solder and where to solder and actually to measure the resistors with a voltmeter before soldering them. So a Voltmeter was my best friend the last two days and every cent worth spent. This was my second soldering project, so i´m newby, like the most started one day :slight_smile:
My first project, was a chronome, which i found much harder to do. Just in case someone is interested

Assembling the Shruthi-1 was a lot of fun. I think the next project will not be far behind :.) I did a little sound check last night, but i didn´t want to wake up the neighbours. So i will give it a try later on :slight_smile: So excited. One thing i can tell for sure, it is unbelievable what this little beast is able to do. The most trickiest part was the enclosure. Somehow i couldn´t find any assembling instruction for it. But I have to admit, that at that point i was a bit impatient. Ah, yes, patience is actually the most important thing to need. One little mistake caused by carelessness can cause you major headache and delay your assembling enormously.

Something i was wondering. I realized that one of the 4 potentiometers feels just a bit more smoother, in sense of more easier to turn than the other 3 potentiometers. Is this something within the production tolerance? will all 4 become the same “smoothenes” after a while of use?

Thanks Olivier for the detailed online assembly intstructions. I found it very nice explained. !

Hm, that chronome looks really interesting…

Thanks @supercollider
Any hints & tips about the potentiometers?

Make sure you leave a little space between the knobs and the top of the enclosure. It’s very easy to push the knobs just a hair too far and then the pot will be a bit (or a lot, depending on how hard it’s pushed down) harder to turn.

thanks for the hint. but thats not the case, i mean, yes, i did leave a hair gap between knobs and faceplate. After assembling, i had to open the case again to do some solder correction on the LCD an therefore i had to remove all 4 knobs. I could hardly remove the knobs from the potetiometer because the stuck very strong. So, probably in this procedure i damaged one poti ?! possible? :frowning:

Possible, but I’ve levered knobs (using plastic kitchen implements and levering in a circular pattern, in small increments) off a lot. When you push the knobs back on, you could use a ‘shim’ (thin piece of cardboard) between the case top and the knob bottom. Then, you’d have a uniform gap between the knob and case.

Does the knob perform its function OK? If it does, maybe give it some ‘break in’ time and see how you feel about it in a few weeks. I know what you mean about the case, it was a ‘Chinese puzzle’ my first go round.

Hi! The knobs perform its function like a charm. Maybe as you said, it just needs some time and physically used, like the brake linings of a bike?! (I had no better comparison :-))

wow. I wasn´t aware of that putting on and off knobs could probably harm the potentiometer, but good to know…