Shruthi 1 midi recorded into MPC 1000

Hey Guys,

So I have been trying to play my Shruthi 1 with a midi keyboard midi cable out of keyboard to midi in on Shruthi then midi out cable from Shruthi to MPC midi in.

But when i set both midi channels to 1 on each device and try to record midi in the MPC it doesn’t playback any sounds from the Shruthi 1. Is there a specific midi configuration to get this to work so I can tweak in the shruthi and the MPC 1000 will record the tweaks?

Thanks for your help.

Your Setup is missing a Connection from the MPC to the Shruthi, a MIDI Connection is unipolar, Data only flows from OUT to IN, so in your setup the Shruhti won’t get any data from the MPC

You need something like this:

MIDI keyboard-> MPC A
MPC B-> Shruthi
Shruthi -> MPC B

YOu then route the Keyboard to the Shruthi in the MPC (should be possible i guess?). Be shure to set Shruthis MIDI out Mode to CTRL so the Messages from the MPC doesn’t get bounced back producing possibly a Loop.

Many thanks for that, I’m a Midiot!