Shruthi-1 MIDI CC assignments

Hi All,

I finally got around to connecting-up my X-station to my Shruthi so that i can avail of the extra knobbage. I referred to the CC mapping table at

Problem is, some of these CCs do not seem to correspond to the actual controls in Shruthi. For example, Filter Cutoff is designated as CC 14, but this seems to change another parameter. Filter Cutoff does respond to CC74.

Other controls also do not seem to correspond (some do).

Have I missed something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

74 is not listed in the manual but it is a sort of “standard” for cutoff.

Which parameter does CC 14 change on your unit? Just tried on mine and it changes cutoff. Maybe you could list some of the strange mappings you see for me to investigate…

@stimresp If you’re interested, I have a Shruthi-1 template for the XStation I did a while back. Should still work with the latest firmware version. I can send it to you if you drop me a private message with your email address.



@pichenettes : In short, I was wrong and I am an idiot. I have it working now. Thanks for the help and sorry for doubting.

@Toneburst: thanks for the offer but I have it all mapped-out now.

Kind thanks again.

@stimresp cool. I’d be interested to know how you mapped things out. From memory, most of the XStation controls fitted well with the Shruthi-1 parameters. I seem to remember I swapped envelopes one and two around though, which seemed to make more ergonomic sense.

I do think the XStation is quite flawed, as a generic controller, but for traditional subtractive synthesis devices like the Shruth-1, it works pretty well.



I only needed to map the filter controls, filter Env amount and LFO amount, as well as the envelopes, for performance control rather than deep patching. Seems to be working very well!

On the same topic, I’ve recently bought an old Yamaha WX7 MIDI wind controller and tried it with my (less old) Shruthi-1. Very, very cool indeed ! Yet, after I updated firmware to 1.02, it seems that Shruthi is not responding anymore to Breath Control Change (#2), which is normally attached to the filter cutoff, and do wonders with 0.98 firmware version. I can perfectly live with 0.98, but just asking if I’m missing something here. Thanks a lot !

@juhbuba : I got your answer in my email, and this gave me an idea of where to look. “Breath” is now a source in the modulation matrix… and it works when mapped to “cutoff”. Super cool ! I think that Shruthi will become my sound source to work with the WX7 ! That’s really fun. Thank you very much !

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Cool! No sweat. I deleted my response for now because I realized I didn’t fully understand all the code yet. Didn’t want to give any bad info. Viva la e-mail!