Shruthi-1 Metal Cases

LP2-Dly is on his way to USA.

“LP2-Dly is on his way to USA.”

And I can’t wait to get it! :slight_smile:

I would be interested in a kit for sure

One Polivoks now looking for owner.

Wow… its a very nice case. Great :slight_smile:

You had to post this the day I buy someone else’s…lol :frowning:

That’s seriously good looking.

Polivoks purchased by toddADSR.


i’m really looking forward to these metal cases.

will they come in different colors?

i’d probably get a black one and a blue one.

hm, wait, your metal-encased shruthis use different buttons than the regular shruthi kits!

or are they the same buttons just with different caps?

I’m going to design new type of metal cases for square buttons. On the picture you’ll see the slim Shruthi, where the connectors are panel mounted. The cases for sale will be litle bit thicker and with square buttons. Hope to get the proto ready this week.

There will be different colors.
More about that, when the cases are ready for Powder painting.


i’ll probably also want a whitenone - for the 4pm.

Lovely cases … but no anonymity re the sale? This is Mutaholics Anonymous! :wink:


is it possible to buy that case? )

Had to change the sheet metal company.
Drawings sent to new supplier.
They asked today what is the amount of prototypes, so things are getting closer to get the protos ready.
Cant say the date. If something happens, I’ll let you all know.

Time has passed and new protos arrived today. Some minor changes needs to be done.
Made some quick lo-fi pics introduce the new set of cases.
Cases have no color, no screen print, no fastening screws and glowing end cheeks.

The standard Shruthi case will be expandable.

There will be double end cheek.

You can create different mix of extensions.
In example CVin extension. With input sockets and potentiometers.

Sound designer extension.

Or maybe a programmer extension.


Mine is longer…