Shruthi-1 Metal Cases

Finished the cases for Shruthi’s.

Video of SMR4 in action.

Vintage stuff:
Black matte Powder Paint
Wooden (Oak) sides
White screen print

I was thinking if there is any interest in this kind of enclosures?
Not for the slim ones like on the picture but for the KIT that MI is selling- square buttons, on board connectors and thicker profile.

I hope to keep the price near 50-60 EUR, depends on amount of interest.

Should I design the enclosure for MI Kit

Nice !

Very well done!

wow. Looks like it’s from a shop! Are you from Holland?

Thanks You all for good feedback No, I’m from Estonia.

Hi Adrian,

There I was busy publicising your excellent casework in another thread here and then I find you’re here already



They look defintely awesome ! Nice work…

i am interested by one case, with wood sides + the buttons (switch in white, knobs in blue)

With such a case, I could say:
Minu Shruti on koige ilusam!

[is my estonian still correct?] :slight_smile:

Looking great. I would probably be interested in one of those fitting the mi kit. :slight_smile:

btw considering the “tilt my shruti” fury, could you add an option to your kit, with “triangular” shaped wood sides?
Or an option to be able to stack several shrutis together with only 2 wood sides on the extreme sides?
Last thing would be to enable people to change the case without changing LEDs position, then your led holes should be adapted for light tunnels [led tunnels? don’t know the correct name] well you know what I mean.


Very nice! +1 for me.

I kinda like the buttons you used and the case as is.

Geishaballs your estonian is correct :slight_smile:

The modifications with sides can be done. Just have to discuss with carpenter.

Also modifications in laser cutting are acceptable. You can choose the LED hole. It can be square, round or any shape you would like. I have tested with flat top 5x5mm, 5mm and 5x2mm LED’s.
Also there is option to cut custom holes, symbols or text. It just affects the price a little bit.

There are some things that aren’t able to modify:
The bendings and the screenprint. For these processes is the setup cost too big. The VanDaal logo wont be on Your case. Could add MI logo there instead.

About the LED’s I think that if you want a good looking result, then You need to use flat top LED’s.
If You want to change Your Shruthi inside the case, then just swap the filter board.

julienvoirin anddkMode I’m thinking to make the case for KIT. Square buttons and thicker case.
My thoughts now are that You will follow instructions written by Oliver and assemble your Shruthi, then put it into the case and case closed.

This slim case with round buttons and panel mounted connectors is really tight fit and some modifications needs to be done to fit it together. For now the slim version is only available fully assembled. The price is as usual 300EUR.

Wow super nice!

I am interested in a case for the Kit!

Let us know when!

Please contact me if you are going to sell these cases; I would like one.

very nice case! depending on its price, i would be interested in one or two.

You should do ambika cases as well. Just saying.

You should do ambika cases as well. Just repeting.

Nice to see that there is interest.

For now I can say that there will be cases.

Dont wait the cases be ready in next week.
I like to take no prepayment, therefore I need to sell the ready made instruments. I have one SMR4, LP2-DLy and Polivoks in stock.

I need to buy one KIT, assemble it and design case according to that.
Make proto and verify the design.
Then make first patch.

@tb323 I have one Anushri waiting for case and I’m thinking about Ambika also.

For now I can’t say the first patch quantity, so who has interest, let me know here.
Hope to see more names here, to make the price lower.

@Adrian: Nice. I’m interested! :slight_smile: