Shruthi-1 metal case light pipes

Hey everybody,

I bought a Shruthi metal case from the MI store mid-December but it seems to have
shipped without any light pipes.
Maybe they’re not supposed to be included (don’t remember what it said in the description)
and I don’t want to bother Olivier right now with this.

Anyway, what are the part numbers for these? I’ve been searching the forum for half an hour
and I can’t find the specific parts. I have the standard flat top LEDs, mounted without spacers
to the PCB.



Can’t help you with the part numbers, but the light pipes are supposed to be included.
I’m shure Olivier or Adrian will help you.

Mine did not come with any either. I used Mouser 593-2000GLO (frosted white).
593-2000C (clear) and other colors are available, too.

Just send me your address in DM and I send you the small package.
But the light pipes are VCC LPC020CTP they are sold in Farnell, Mouser and so on.
The fastening rubber is RTN150