Shruthi-1 makes the remix

My remix for The Horrorist’s track Born this Way was released a couple of days ago for the album Joyless Pleasure Remixed and has Shruthi-1 sounds all over it!
You can check it out here and let me know what you think:
the thing is… I like the track but there is something not quite right, and I don’t know if it’s just my feeling, or if there really is something… so I’d love to have some feedback.

If anybody’s interested you can get the album on iTunes, Amazon, Android market and Beatport

I love the knives and scissors stuff, and I really like the song overall, sound production techniques etc.
My comment would be that perhaps, the song is too linear, doesn’t breathe enough. It’s probably related to the singing, which is very monotonous.
There is one kind of break at 2:30, I wish it was more emphasized. Maybe removing some of the instruments at some moments, or making the voice more “glitchy”, would make the mix feel punchier. But that’s really my 2 cents opinion and I find it already excellent.

yeah I think you have a point there… I should have gone a bit more “crazy” with the vocals… and I also feel that the track is too overloaded with stuff… I think I’ll have to make a second version of the remix sooner or later, just for me. I really had just a totally short time to do this and had to work late at night after work so my concentration wasn’t always 100% too bad one has to work like that, but that’s life :slight_smile: Still I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I can’t let it go until I reach the pont where it will only get worse…