Shruthi 1 LCD problem (looks blurry)


Hi forum,

one day the screen of my shruthi 1 begin to turn blurry in some zones. Anyone have a idea or can help me please? thanks



Replace the LCD?


But, why the screen have this problem? Where i can get the lcd? Thanks again


Which version / build of shruthi do you have?
Depending on the build, you may have a LCD trimmer on the other side of the control PCB, top left corner when looking from the LCD side. Try adjusting this before replacing the LCD screen, which is a real hassle.


Thanks Onze,
i have the version 1.02. i will check what you say.


The way the LCD glass section is connected to the PCB is via some carbon coated rubber pads. Sometimes you can improve a dodgy display by removing the metal surround, lifting the glass part off and cleaning the pads.

But since you will need to remove the display to do this you may as well replace the display.