Shruthi-1 kits: December batch

Hi all,

December is going to be a bit different on the shipping side since I will be away from my dear workshop for a large part of december. This also means that I will be less active on the forums.

  • Between the 4th and 7th, we’ll be able to ship: some kits, some PCBs and chips.
  • Between the 10th and 28th, we’ll be able to ship: 30 kits, and plenty of cases.
  • The 28th, back to normal operations with the remaining kits and plenty of cases.

Hey just signed up to the site, hopefully will get my hands on a shruthi-1 tomorrow. I was wondering what the shipping cost to the United States is for a kit?

That will be very early Saturday morning here?
Your time minus 10 hours in Hawaii I believe?

9 AM in hawaii

Shipping to the US is +20€