Shruthi-1 kit availability

Get ready!

After this first batch of 50, a new batch of 100 will be ready within 3 weeks.

OK, for once I am first in line! Can we reserve a spot! :slight_smile: I would like to if so!

definitely put me down for a PCB and atmega chip! and I may get the whole kit depending on how funds allow.


Excellent. I love the counter on your order form.

I’m excited. Ordering one (maybe two w/ different filter boards?) right away.

7:00 am, Pacific Time, rats! Oh well, it will get me up early for a change. Maybe it will stop raining and I can get an early motorcycle ride in.

Congratulations, Olivier! That makes two products you’ve shipped, in less time than the OP-1 team has taken to ship, er, none. This means you will get all my spare cash. You iterate hard, fast and well, bravo!

7 am Pacific, I know i wont be up that early, dibsee for one full kit with one of the new filter boards.

want one want one want one!

what price for control board plus parts and a SSM2044 board?

I have decided not to sell “half kits” - the point being that if you can source the parts for an “exotic” filter board, you can source the parts for the control board too. Programmed chips and LCD displays are available, though. Boards are sold for 15€.

SSM2044 board is not available yet - it was the first run, so I have not ordered heaps of them.

Ordered. Woot!

Ordered. Woot!

Now gotta find my custom image to engrave…

Yay! Mine is ordered! Along with the prototype analogue board, so I can make my tube based VCA
/Wavefolder/destructo board plus Mankato styled 8 phase VCF (thank you Thomas Henry for making it!)(looks like I will need more than one analogue board)…then on to others…w00t

cool. i’ll hang on till then for the new board. might order a case now though…

ordered with Karma and a side of randomness,
still undesided with cannabilizing my -1, as usual I’ll wait too lomg

Sold out!

wooooah. good work olivier!

Sold out! The one day I get called in to work on a Sat- it’s…it’s sold out…

I think I’ll take a double double order of that karma item so I don’t get called in to work the next time the stampede happens! :>)

Congrats Olivier! You deserve it.

Oh,are just the kits sold out or is the whole sheebang sold out -parts and all?

There are still PCBs (the blue ones in particular), chips and parts

Are the kits restricted to black or could blue be substituted?

Order fulfillment is nightmarish given the different options (in particular I can’t pack the boxes in advance), so I’d rather keep the kits a “no option” thing.