Shruthi-1 in sequencer (Reaper)


I have a little problem with Shruthi-1, in DAW (Reaper), on Loop mode, the end of my loop stop the Shruti-1 sequenceur in REC mode … you have issue that the sequence continues in a loop.


Can you explain how to reproduce the problem?

Play a track on your DAW (Reaper for me) in Loop Mode
Use the Shruthi-1 Sequencer in REC mode,
When the loop reaches the end, the sequencer on Shruthi-1 stop (reset?)

PS : Sorry for my english

Have you read the manual? When the sequencer is set to rec mode, the first note is received is later used as a start/stop controller. The rec mode in the sequencer is for creative jamming with the sequencer from a keyboard, I don’t see any situation where you would want to use it with a DAW.

Yes i read the manual, the start/stop/loop of my DAW does not send note on shruthi-1, the track is empty …

It’s for the same situation of jam/live, for composing/on the fly rec … but with other loop sound etc … I usually work like this, it does not pose a problem with the rest of my Hardware synth

Strange… Do you have a way of checking which MIDI messages Reaper is sending to the Shruthi?

Ok, i see with midi yoke (midi-OX) (only tonight ^^)

I have no signal, but I have a doubt (Reaper Bug?), I try another DAW :wink: