Shruthi-1 in an Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI)?


I am looking for help on a new project. I developed an EVI (Think MIDI controller that plays like a trumpet) using an Arduino base. A typical EVI (or EWI for sax style controllers) uses an external tone generator like a Roland XV-2020 so it sounds very close to an actual trumpet, sax, flute, etc. (for a an idea of what I am talking about you can see my EVI here: )

Since finishing my EVI design, I have been wanting to build a second one with a synth inside of it so that I can just plug a wireless guitar bug into it and be wireless on stage. I have been looking at mini-synths for about a year trying to figure out what to do.

I always come back to the Shruthi-1. While I have used miniMoog emulators running in Abelton Live on stage with traditional keyboard controllers for a classic rock band (Riding the Storm Out is a great crowd pleaser) I don’t have an extra hand when playing the EVI so being able to tweak filters is very hard on the EVI. My current band plays all originals, so I don’t need to sound like anything, but I don’t want to use the Shruthi-1 just for sound patches.

My right hand thumb controls two buttons that give me major and minor chords and horn line capabilities. Since the Shruthi-1 is a monsynth - they could be repurposed to do something else like arpeggio control or even to change performance controls on the Shruthi-1. I could replace the two buttons with a sliding potentiometer and some way to cycle through the 4 performance controls.

The big issue is always keeping things simple on the controller so my head doesn’t explode on stage.

So I am looking for ideas from the experienced masses from this forum. I am thinking that I would build the Shruthi in the plexi case and piggy back it to my existing unit to figure this all out and then build a bigger unit that will encase the shruthi inside.

I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for reading and for any help you can provide me.


mounting the shruthi inside a controller like that seems unneeded and somewhat undesirable? It’s mainly extra weight (just weighed my SMR-4 kit+enclosure, it is 365 grams, only about 80 grams shy of a pound), I can only think of possibly 2 advantages - you’re able to easily run leads to the input/output expansion headers on the shruthi digital board, and perhaps you have easy screen access no matter where you move on stage? I’d just give my controller encoders/pots that can map to whatever CC or NRPN, I’d add ‘scenes’ to my controller, and I’d be good to go to control any patch on any modern monosynth with a simple flick to a different scene with my performance controls already mapped

also, if you’re trying to go all wireless I’m not sure how much life you’re going to get with battery powered shruthi although I assume you have some battery pack ideas?

just my impressions and thoughts… on another note I’d really like to see an EWI/EVI respond to embouchure and have THAT control params… somehow :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I didn’t realize that the Shruthi was so heavy - definitely would be an issue. I will go back to school on the idea. And yes the embouchure issue is real problem especially for brass electronic instruments.