Shruthi-1 in a post rock setting

Finally was able to get the shruthi into a song. It’s in the intro. Can’t remember what patch it was, but it’s one of the preprogrammed ones. Hopefully I can get the shruthi in more next song.

Hope y’all dig! Thanks for listening!


Hey man! That’s a cool track! Thanks for sharing. It’s not the usual synth track… Very refreshing!

Yep !
Very cool track indeed.

I used it also into a rock record, into some bits of songs. Not really post-rock, not as well sounding as your works, but anyway…

Shruthis were used within the introduction song, the end of “a mirage”, throughout the whole “/eleven” song, filters were used within the end of “robots brush my teeth” (the messy, noisy part…), and “the hoax”.

grea track! And I think the shruthi-1 fits very well into the overall sound! Which version do you have, the basic SMR-4?

Thanks everyone!

@ MicMicMan, great stuff! I really dig the “prog/math” feel! Very well written compositions. It has been downloaded.

@ rumpelfilter, Thanks! Yep, SMR-4, Batch 9.

Welp, we finally completed the EP! We recorded everything in our “Studio”, but, we did have it professionally mastered. Pulled out some Ambika on a couple tracks (2 & 5). Shruthi-1 in track 3. Couple Moogs, somd DSI stuff. We kept a strict policy of only using hardware. Software only for recording and mixing. Anyway, we did spend a LOT of time on these songs and I hope y’all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Bandcamp page

That’s great!

Very good!

The shruthi fits perfectly in the intro. Nice recording, mix and mastering.

That’s a really great work. Sounds like Isis was one of your major influences?

Thanks, yo!

@micmicman, yeah there’s some Isis influence there :).

Oh and I lied. That’s Animoog at the beginning of the first track. But the rest is legit. Well except the drums. That’s Superior Drummer. But everything else is legit hardware. :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic is old, but anyway.
We’ve launched a new record, named ‘octophone’. I took care of all the recording and mixing process.

It’s a ‘standard’ rock record, where guitar, bass, accoustic drums (and voice…) are the main elements. Still, i know that it may not be really obvious, but I have used a lot of mutable instrument stuff throughout the mixing process. I’ll give some clues.

  • tracks 2, 4 and 7 features some lightly layered arpeggiated shruthis (mostly, I played a single note and used the arpeggiator and seqmix settings) and anushris for beefing up the mix and adding some additional ambiance elements ; what sounds a bit like a polyphonic synth towards the second half of song 4 is actually samples drowned in compression and reverb, then each channel is filtered through a SMR4 filter.
  • track 3 features a lot of shruthi work, with a lot of sample filtering using the digital and YM filterboards. Sometimes the sample are reversed, sometimes not… The ending arpeggios are 2 independent recordings of 3 polychained shruthis (4poles, cem, ssm) in duophonic mode. I love this settings. It adds quite a nice amount of randomness to things as simple as 8 notes arpeggios.
  • track 5 features some anushri works
  • track 8’s main drone is based on guitar samples drowned in reverb and compression and phasing and auto-panning (afair, no shruthi here, for once), and all the rythmic work is an accoustic drum kit sample, filtered through a digital filter + a graphic 27 bands equalizer found in a thrash + dual VCF filter that we were tweaking live with my girlfriend. Voice is obviously digitally filtered by the corresponding shruthi filter board. Actually, it’s the google translate guy :smiley: The chords at the end are multiple layers of anushri.
  • track 9’s introduction is a drum sample through a shruthi polivoks filter ; the slight distortion on the voice is also obtained through some delay pedal then polivoks filter.
  • tracks 1 and 6 feature no MI stuff (shit happens).

I hope that it enlightens a bit what uses you can get from shruthis when you are not working on electronic music related projects.

Cheers, Pierre

Yep, i feel a bit ashamed posting it but anyway
I just wanted you to know that we’re setting up a crowdfunding project, hoping that we’ll finally get our record on actual cds. More informations here