Shruthi-1 FilterCube

So I was thinking, It would be lovely to take all of the filter PCBs and put them into one cube like enclosure, switchable, routable. Rather than having multiple Sidekicks, build the “one (filter) cube to rule them all” :slight_smile: Let me know your thoughts!

sounds sweet.

I am doing an epic stack of filters in my shruthi I a building right now. The thing will have the programmer, a midi keyboard, the smr4, dual svf and digiFX board. I get hella picky about filter types when I make sounds so it kinda sticks them all together to make one epic synth.

I’d like to see roland or any of these guys do as awesome of a job as olivier!

The programmer and the dual SVF are using the same digital lines, so you cannot use them at the same time.

yo n8bit,

get a 2nd digital board and a midipal (or two) and make a duophonic version. thats what i am working on…

cool idea, it would be like my beloved studio electronics atc-1

@ pichenettes,

yeah I wired it so that when the SVF board is engaged and powered, the programmer is switched off and thus no interference on the digital lines.

for polyphony, I have a sampler connected to the shruthi right now, so if I like a patch, I quick sample it and play it polyphonically, not quite the same, but definitely gets the job done.