Shruthi-1 filter board v0.7 duophony?

It seems when I go through the mix menu duophony is not available?
Is this something that could change if I update the operating system?

The available options depend on the digital board, not the filter board - I’m guessing your shruthi is not loaded with the newest firmware, so yes, updating it should give you the option of duophony :slight_smile:

Noob… Can anyone hold my hand through this process.hehe. Link to firmware.
How many firmware are there?
I was reading through the firmware link under shruthi/DIY, is that what I am lookin for?
Cheers! B)
Load that in using something like

i sent the .syx it gets to the 3rd led and then stops and now restarting just brings it to that blank screen?

Have you adjusted the transmission speed? Which MIDI interface are you using?

fireface400. how should i do that?

Search for “Firmware update” in the manual
i went here and downloaded this file correct?

i also just tried the yamaha ux16 usb midi interface

what am i doing wrong?

You are probably using an incorrect transfer speed. Adjust them as explained in the manual…

i see i was supposed to set up the 15sec delay tics… its workin now :slight_smile:

thank you thank you!