Shruthi-1 Drone when using PC Editor

Hi folks,

I’m playing about with the lovely PC Editor by Manuel Kronig. I’m finding it creates self-perpetuating drone patches sometimes, which is really cool. However, I can’t figure out how! It doesn’t seem to be modulating the VCA in any way, and the patches still run even when there’s no midi input of any sort! Does anyone know how this is achieved? If I can do this at will, without midi, then that’s awesome!


There are two ways of achieving this:

  • Hold the S1 switch for 2s. This triggers a “test” note.
  • In the modulation matrix, route “offset” to “vca” instead of “env2” - the effect is that the VCA will be always opened, not only when a key press has triggered the envelope. This trick is used in the presets created for external filtering.

Aha! Perfect - that second one was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for being so fast!