Shruthi-1 Digital/Control board PCB availability?

Any idea when Shruthi-1 Digital/Control board PCB is expected to be back in stock?

I’m desperately looking for one to build for a friend as I already have the working filter board sitting idle.

Thank you!

Boards ordered the 1st, should be delivered in 3-5 days.

will the MIDIpal be available also, or will they come with the next batch?

MIDIpal is far from being done. I’ll receive a few revised boards the same day. What remains to be done:

  • Assemble a unit with a revised board
  • Testing
  • More testing
  • Kits preparation

I’ll let you know if I have a few boards left. I have 3 of the original boards, but I don’t like the way the MIDI connectors are positioned, and in v0.2 I have added a switch in case you decide to power the MIDIpal with a 9V battery.

so this sounds interesting. if you happen to have one left i’d grab it i’ll probably do the midi offboard anyway nope have to wait for the regular run
good luck!


Great news, thank you!

What’s wrong with MIDI connectors positioning on the original board?

The top of the MIDI connector is 1cm above the level of the LCD and the shaft of the knob. If I hadn’t fixed this, you would have needed an encoder with a super long shaft, and the display would have been sunken.

It’s easier to make a case with all the bulky connectors on the bottom side of the board.

So if i’m going to use midiPal without enclosure the original boards are fine, correct?

If you don’t mind having the connectors on the same side of the screen, it’s perfectly fine.

Actually I prefer it this way, so when Digital/Control board PCBs are back in stock I will be glad to buy two of your original midiPal boards if it’s OK with you.

Doh, I waited too long and they’re out of stock again! When will they be back?

There’s been quite a rush on kits / boards over the past 5 days. I have ordered a new batch of boards and they will be delivered around the 13th.

Great to hear Shruthi Sickness is sweeping the globe!