Shruthi-1 Compilation using Mutable Dev Env Issues

I’m trying to flash the 644p with the newest shruthi-1 codebase using the Mutable Dev environment. It compiles with no errors and the moose reports the correct size, but the shruthi is behaving weirdly and I’m unable to change any parameters, menu values are changing, text gets glitched out etc…

I found a comment on here from a few years back mentioning the version of GCC is important. I flashed a precompiled YAM hex file with avrdude, which fixed the glitchiness, but the bootloader is still my glitch-compiled version.

How can I implement the correct gcc toolchain in the Mutable Dev environment? Is it even possible? Or do I need to set up the build conditions from scratch?


I’m pretty sure Mutable Dev is just for the newer eurorack stuff. For Shruthi and Ambika you need to set up your toolchain from scratch, the instructions are on the DIY resource page for them. Short version is your avr-gcc needs to be 4.3.3, other versions will cause errors even if the size is correct. I also had to use Python 2.7 to get the scripts to work without extensive modification.