Shruthi-1 - Chaining question

I recently finished to built my first Shruthi-1 and would like dig deeper into this rabbit hole and therefore need your help. I really appreciate a lot the Shruthi-1s´audio-input in order to use it as a audio filter and I would love to play this beast in polymode as well. Therefore, one thought is, to built another 3 Shruthi-1s, a Polivoks, a Yellow-Magic and a Shruthi-1 with FX filter. I have an audio-interface with 4 audio-inputs (NI Komplete 6) therefore 4 Shruthi-1s would be my max voices which i would use for polyphony. So, here some questions that i have:

1. Would they polystyle play nicely along together (while chained via midi together and each one having it´s own power supply)?
2. Would it be possible to route the audio-signal between each single Shruthis (and see how it sounds like?)
3. I´m thinking about to start to built a Ambika because from what i read and heard its from another world. But then i see more audio-routing, experimental and discovering potentials in building more Shruthi-1s and combining them together?!

Being said, that i´ve been toying with the Anushri as well.

I´m happy for any comment and enlightenment


Congrats on finishing your first (of many you will soon learn) Shurthi/MI product!

1. Poly-Chaining multiple Shruthi’s together works best if each filterboard is the same. I remember chaining and SMR-4 MKI with the IR3109 board. While the SMR-4 is closely related to the IR3109, their are noticeable differences. Poly chaining an SMR-4 with a Polivoks will be extremely noticeable.

2. It’s possible, but the result would probably be very unusable. Since each filter would be in series to the next, things would start to get very muddy and lost by the end.

3. For polyphony, I suggest sticking with the Ambika. The cost of 3 Shurhi’s will be the same as 1 fully stuffed Ambika. One thing you could do is buy an Ambika and fill it with each of the available Voicecards (2 each). There is a ton of modulation possibilities within Ambika. In time, build the other Shruthi’s. You’d be amazed at how fast you will build an army of MI synths!

Anushri, as far as external routing and experimenting is probably the best option. Lots of modular patch points.

Not sure if I understand completely what you’re asking but polychaining via MIDI works great. I’ve used it with three Shruthis and will soon be trying four. I have mine panned across the stereo image so the sounds bounce around a bit when you play. I suppose you could route the audio from one Shruthi out into the next Shruthi in and so on, but I think you would only get a single, monophonic output at the end of the chain, because when you use the input, the Shruthi becomes a processor really.

So you send the first Shruthi’s output to the next Shruthi’s input, and that gives Shruthi #2 one voice to modify, which it does and sends it from its output to Shruthi #3’s input, and so on. You could use a mixer to send four separate outs to each in of each Shruthi in the chain, and then feed the four Shruthi outs to your mixer/interface. Then you would get polyphony because there would be 4 separate input streams to modify.

At least, I think that’s how it would work. Also keep in mind when you polychain that you only need MIDI feeding the first Shruthi. The other Shruthis in the chain get their MIDI from the previous Shruthi.

Oops, QP got in first. I am using different filter boards in my setup and kinda like it actually. I have two SMR4 boards, 1 Polivoks and 1 4PM.

feeding the output in another Shruthi’s in can be very interesting. definitely worth trying, i had some fun with polivoks and yellow magic for example, also 4PM is great to do that.

Slighly OT but food for thought I have had a lot of fun with the Shruthi into my Anushri controlled by my SH-101 … put something digitally identifiable Ant to Anushri and it makes for interesting timbres … Another good one is Shruthi - Anushri - Audio In on my MicroKorg XL, using the effects in the XL.i am about to add a Jomox T-resonator to the equation this week.

Actually, I find polychaining shruthis with various filterboards quite cool. I don’t own a giant mixer so I wasn’t able to try with a lot of shruthis, but I’ve experimented with a SSM2044, CEM3379 and a SMR4 mk1 filter combination, and the variations you get with various filters are pretty cool. But I did it with filters that are not available anymore…
I think that it’d be less interesting (although more usable) with identical filters - if you want a polyphonic synth with similar filters, then go for an ambika. And anyway if you were to chain shruthis, I’d recommend to use them either as a super mono synth (multiple mono synths with different voicecards and settings and a bit of panning to get an extremely fat sound), either as a set of mono synths.

Chaining in and outs of shruthis is worth experimenting, but It will imply having different settings on each synth - not usable for polyphony.

hi guys,
thanks a ton for the very comprehensive thoughts.

very good points! I have been enlightened. One question though, what do you mean by 2 each “…One thing you could do is buy an Ambika and fill it with each of the available Voicecards (2 each)…” ?
do you mean, filling the slots with voicecards pair-wise? like 2x SMR4, 2x SVF, 2x 4P? yes? why that? interesting. I was actually more thinking feeding the ambika with 4x SMR4 (for nice 4 voice polyphony due to same voicefilter) 1x SVF and 1x 4P (to give it a personal character)?
ok. so here my thoughts combination for the ambika

1. 4x SMR4, 1x SVF, 1x 4P
2. 4x SMR4, 2x SVF
3. 4x SMR4, 2x 4P

what do you think?

the routing i thought of would be midi-wise from one shruthi midi-out(thru) into the other shruthi in and so on… but audio-wise i would connect every single output to my NI Komplete Audio 6 Interface which allows me 4 audio inputs. Just enough for 4 Shruthis. More or less exactly that what you suggested. I like this idea!

+1 worth trying

nice routing. Sounds awesome!

you gave my thoughts the last tuning

my conclusion so far is, looks like i have to built them all. Shruthis, Ambika & Anushri.

the Ambika for the Polyphony magic
the Anushri for the compact fun, drum and external audio-processing stuff in one wonderbox.
the Shruthis-1s… the experimental boxes.

that’s a good plan. If you like DIY for DIY’s sake, consider building a few guitar stomp boxes to add to the fun - a delay unit, reverb, the Gristleizer … it all adds to it…

thanks for the confirmation. The Shruthi-1 which i recently built was my second project. And i realize that i really love soldering. It´s kind of meditation and yes, I begin to love DIY. As you probably know i am a newby but would like to dig deeper into DIY.

I am very happy for any FX/uitar stomp boxes DIY and sampler DIY recommendations.

just in case you are interested, here is my first project…

update. the Gristleizer looks and sounds amazing. I´m down for it.

the chromome looks great…

I am awaiting a Gristleizer PCB from the states , along with a couple of delay boards for stomp boxes, based around the PT3299 chip used in the YM Shruthi.
I will keep you all informed.


actually I am a bit pissed as I have received no conformation about the delay boards and I payed by paypal a week ago … as a first time buyer I shall give it another day or so and I shall email, so I shall mention no names yet, but what we have here seems to be a failure to communicate ;-).
I bullt one on veroboard…

the anushri is not the best MI synth for external processing, unless you mod it a bit (prevent the mixer output to get into the filter) - the best unit for this purpose is the shruthi with various filter boards in my opinion.

IMO, when you own some shruthis (or better, an anushri and a shruthi), the 4xY + 2xZ combination on the ambika isn’t very interesting, unless you often go to gigs and want to stay light with only one synth.
If you still want some combination, I would rather recommend 4xSMR + 1x4P + 1xSVF, for a bit more versatility.

yep, i think this is way to go. 4xSMR + 1x4P + 1xSVF sounds good to me.
thanks for the confirmation.