Shruthi-1 Carrying Case?

Does anyone know where I can find a carrying case for the Shruthi-1? I’m just looking for something that is both a good fit and could provide some protection to the unit when taking it out on the road.

The DSI Mopho case?

I’ve got a case that was intended for a portable DVD player or hard drive or something, and it’s got a pocket that’s the perfect size for both the Shruthi-1 and the Mopho (desktop, of course).

The depth wont work on a mopho module case. Yea, was looking into some CD hardcases, like the vaultz but the dimensions weren’t working out. I’ll start looking into portable DVD player cases, thanks!

Pelican case

Altitude? you use the 1120 or the 1150 for your shruthi-1’s?

Oh, I personally dont but they are reasonably priced and you can definitely find one the right size. Pelican is my answer to all “what should I use for a case for X” questions however

If you take this case there is still some room left for a Shruthi in the upper left corner… and you will be sure your Shruthi is safe.

Is that a programmer ?

Ough… the ugly word!

That’s a de-programmer

It has only one hard wired function, so you don’t need a programmer for this…

Maybe it’s nice to design a lasercut shruthi case in de form af a shruthi?