Shruthi-1 - Best way to record knob movement in logic?

I’m trying to record the controller data for Cutoff, RES etc. in logic. It appears all of this is received on #38 - so while I can record and playback the movement, I cannot distinguish the sources, i.e. see what is CUTOFF or delay TIME. Is there any way to keep these values separate? When using other hardware like the Slim Phatty, the data is sent on different IDs… I guess there’s some simple solution, but I just don’t see it…

Thanks for any suggestion!

Have a look on the Shruhtis MIDI Implementation Chart

Delay Time isn’t covered, obviously.

It’s because the Shruthi-1 is sending NRPNs, not CCs. There’s no obvious solution, sorry.

I might change that in a future version and transmit CCs.

I use Logic also. Rather than record my twiddlings, I kinda do it the other way around. I dial up the CC I want to control in Logic (CC14 for filter cutoff for example) and automate the Shruthi directly.
I don’t know if that would be suitable for you? But it works pretty good for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, that explains things.

@Luap: this works (for Cutoff and Co), but does not allow me to edit anything I recorded live - basically I would like to be able to correct value jumps. I get these when switching from one page to another and touching a know since the knobs are not endless…

Or is there any smart way to prevent this (i.e. have the knob pick up from the current value of the parameter rather than the knob position)?

@Olivier: this would actually be #1 on my wish list … The delay shows such great lofi-erratic behaviour that just screams for live abuse…

Are the CCs available for the Delay params of the LP2 + Delay board? Could not find them so far (also not in the Implementation Chart, so I guess they’re not there…?)

Delay time is CC12 ; Delay level is CC13 ; no CC for the feedback/feedback EQ.

Its been about 10 years since I used Logic so things probably have changed but can you copy and paste event using the events list. Say filter for filter movement, copy into new track and then edit?

Filtering event is near the bottom on this page

Theres a latch feature for the pots. That would stop the
Value jumps