Shruthi-1: Another LCD problem

Hello all,
Fisrt I wanted to thank all the community and Olivier for the amazing work. I’m a newbie but the building of my first Shruthi-1 was a success and I did not encounter any major problem that the community did not have solved already.
But here is the thing, I have been using my Shruthi for about 1 month and I noticed something weird with the LCD display.
After some time using it (could be only one minute or 10), it seems that the screen turns empty. The backlight is still there, but nothing appears on the screen. The Shruthi still works perfectly while this problem is encountered.
I noticed that sometimes, some weird random character appears as well, and when this happens, I’m still able to browse the menu and the correct characters would erase the weird ones.
Last thing, it seems that giving a gentle push on the screen would make the menu appear again, but this is totally random.
When I encounter this empty screen problem, I usually unplug the power plug and plug it again. But this seems to work less and less.

Could it be a bad soldering problem? Everything seems to be fine with the points though.



Id start resoldering every joint from the Display Connector. Press a bit the ATMega that may have become a bit loose.

Hello look at the photos here, is it this kind of problems ?

Thanks for your answers,
fcd72, yes, maybe you are right, I just wanted to make sure that I did not miss another problem and that it would be a known issue.Lucchio, the problem that I have does not look like this one, it is not that centered around one pressure point, it is rather either all characters are displayed or none.

I’m still not sure about what I should exactly do, but I will try for sure to resolder the display connector as soon as I have some time.

I cut my header a little short between my boards and achieved the same shenanigans. If its not a perfectly placed my display goes wonky and sometimes no sound. This very well may not be the case for you but why not check it out.

When you do the resoldering, resolder the three points of the contrast trimmer as well. If you continue to have problems, it could be worthwile to measure the voltages on those three points. The ‘weird random characters’ can’t come from the trimmer but the characters fading or disappearing could.

Thanks weNivers and ByteFrenzy, I will have a look at both of these!

Hi guys, i re-solded the Display connector as well as the contrast trimmer. Not sure which one was the problem, but it seems solved now!
No weird behavior from the LCD anymore!
Thanks a lot!