Shruthi-1 and Powerplant Junior?

I was wondering if i can use a Powerplant Junior with the Shruthi-1 instead of the provided adapter ?

It features 5 output, regulated and isolated, 9V DC, 120 mA each.

The Shruthi tech spec are :
power: 2.1mm connector, requires 7.5V-9V 300mA supply (can be unregulated). Center pin positive (+), outer collar negative (-)

So, i see it doesn’t match on the mA side, but will it be a problem or not ?
If it “technically works”, is there any pro or con ?

Thank you in advance !

Hi snk,
120 mA is too little and might be a problem. Maybe you can run 2 shruthi’s on it. But it says ’ isolated’ on the box so that may mean that it just has 120 mA per output.

You can better just grab a multi cable like this
and us a big 2A adapter with it. You could then power six shruthi’s from one source.

Hi, Shiftr.
Thank you for your answer : I think i am going to stick with the provided Shruthi PSU :wink:
I’ll keep the PowerPlant for stompboxes !

I run 2 shruthis on hb powerplant junior with no problems… They are so cheap you can take one powerplant for stompboxes and one for shruthis

That was my plan :wink: