Shruthi-1 alterantive enlcosure

Hi guys! We are working two alternative enclosures for Shruthi-1. We would like to know your views to help us choose which manufacture. If the decision is hard, we could manufacture the two models. What do you think about? Thanks!

The enclosures will be made of metal and wood.

I prefer the first one.

As for the enclosures themselves - Not entirely sure I’d get one… I might get something relatively similiar though… Might wanna move the volume pots to the back aswell ^^
(And the switch to the top of the backside, so that it can be ‘felt’ & activated, if that makes any sense?)

i believe this is the tag youre looking for - () remove the () ^^

First one is cool, however i kinda like the design of #4

I like the first one best overall, though I’d rather the cheeks had a little more of an angle, and it would be cool if they were detachable. Also I like the white chassis better than black. edit: And the darker wood better than the lighter wood.

that looks really nice!

Don’t need it, but number one for me is more tasty :smiley:

I like 2 and 5 - are they the same? (different views)

Like the additional space for the input and output pots and on/off switch.

Rough idea of price?

I cant commit to buying anything at the moment tho TBH…

I do intend to build another shruthi later this year tho and might go for one then.

Thanks for your opinions. Soon I’ll upload another model with propositions which I liked.

About the price I can only say that will not be expensive … I hope soon to have a rough idea.
Paradigm X, yes, 1-4 and 2-5 are the same model in diferents views.

Two and Three … I like the funky feet …

regards fitvideo

I want the first one too !

I think I prefer the old-school look of #1, but I like the increased angle of #2. Maybe it’s just the perspective of the images that looks different?

Keep in mind this post was made over a year ago, and Facu hasn’t been back since his last post in this thread either.