Shruthi-1 acrylic case


That looks great! Please tell us that the case is going to be an official add-on for the kits!

edit: looking forward to using the CEM3379 that I dug up for this one…

a thing of beauty! How did you manage to keep it clear from fingerprints?

Yes, I’ll have those produced in small series and it’ll be an option to the kits, for ~20€. I don’t know if it’s my skin or whatever, but when I rub my thumb on it it doesn’t leave fingerprints.

no comment…Perfect for the blacks PCB!



wow, the laser emboss really works with the clear plexi. Solid colors dont look that great when you do that but that is fantastic…

it’s a keeper for sure!

Can’t stop peeking at these pics.

I think it looks professional. You should be proud.

Removing myself - Up until these pics it’s been a fun experiment by some guy in France for a couple of his sampler building buddies. But looking 8 posts up - uhm, that looks like a product - a cute, delicious, tiny-little, bad-ass product. Regardless of who put it together.

I’m happy for you, Olivier.

Congratulations Mutable Instruments!

Wow! The etched logo and IO parts look wicked cool against the artwork poking through on the PCB!

Excellent! I’m hoping my clear plexi that finally shipped from Ponoko (for my Shruti) will look as good!

that is a piece of art!
the nicest looking synth/thing iv seen!

i had decided not to buy this one becouse i was so pleased with the first synth
but you are tempting my wallet!

irresistible really.

yep, certainly don’t need it, but i’ll definitely be in there…cool!

man this is absolutely gorgeous!
great design!

so will the shruti-1 boards fit in the shruthi case?

> sealion
>so will the shruti-1 boards fit in the shruthi case?
The boards might fit but since the Shruti Control and Analog Board have slightly different Layouts the Frontpanel and Backpanel will not fit. Maybe ask Olivier if he can arrange for a Case without holes…

I was thinking of doing a case for the Shruthi-1, but there’s no need now–this one is perfect!