Shruthi-1 4-Pole Mission edition

My procrastinator hurts.

ProWHAT? Is this something filthy?

It feels filthy…

oooooooh! surprise surprise :smiley:
damn too broke right now though…

is there really just the complete kit, or are pcbs already out of stock?
already, hehe, more than an hour after release.

Sneaky. Also ordered a semi-kit.
I think that makes 4 Shruthi now. Yikes.

Bought it! My first Shruthi! I was biding my time to see what the announcement was, and it appears to have been worth the wait. Not entirely sold on the colour, but I guess I can just get more Shruthis in the future to cover this area.

As I don’t have a soldering iron or multimeter or anything yet, I was thinking of purchasing them from Reichelt to come with the other parts. Can anyone recommend what to buy from there (do I just go for the cheapest ones or are there other aspects I need to consider)? I need a soldering iron, some solder, a multimeter and a soldering station I guess (don’t worry, I’m going to have a friend oversee the soldering so I don’t break everything). Oh, I guess I need a power supply for the Shruthi as well?

Please tell me this isn’t going to be a limited run and that I can pick one up when my gear-funding reservoir fills back up again?

I still have a dual-SVF on the bench… :-\\


If you plan to do more than one Shruhti (ok, you will get addicted anyway) id recommend some not so cheap tools as this billigschrott™ can ruin your hole project and the day with it… So this soldering station would be a pretty good start if you plan to buy from Reichelt.
While you are at it get this solder - it has integrated Flux, so no need for anything else.

A Pair of small Pliers for cutting and fixin is also recommended.

For the Multimeter anything in the 10€ will to for Shruthi Purposes, as you are measre -9-12 V DC Resistance only, so this one will do fine. Next usefull step would be a Scope…

I use this Wallwart.

Oh, small Tip if you never soldered anything before: get a Perfboard PCB and some Sockets/cheap parts like Resistors and just try soldering some 100 pads before you need to reorder a mutable Instruments PCB - especially a limited run type.

Argh, I’m out of work now! Is this limited edition or do I need to sell one of the kids right away?


Lol. My thoughts precisely.

@fcd72 I love that digital soldering station…


If you will be doing more DIY I would recommend getting a multimeter that can measure capacitance, and also has a transistor test socket. Those are handy functions to have! Plus maybe a scope when things get serious…

Yups, might be handy - or do it the fcd72 way: just get a new cap/transistor :wink:

130€ for a kid? Is it out of this Diaper Thingie Phase? ,-)

I don’t plan to do another run… Maybe sell some pair of boards like for the Polivoks.

One important thing: the number of cases I have in stock is 75% of the total number of kits I have prepared. This means that when those 75% are sold, the kit will be listed out of stock until the new cases are delivered. If all goes well, this will be out of stock in 1 week ; and then the remaining 25% will be sold when fcd72 has received some more white plexi!

Oh noez :frowning: My DSP board isn’t even on the bench yet…

mine is purchased … :)))

Oh god. And it’s white too. Like a TI Polar. All white and shiny and has eyes that blink.

Anyone want to buy an assembled one? I don’t need five. I’m not looking to make money either, just some money towards the shruthi-ti-polar.

Maybe for two. The girl might be worth it, almost 18, cute… I better cut this off before my wife finds out.


“I’m not looking to make money either, just some money towards the shruthi-ti-polar.”

What the *ell is THAT?