Shruthi-1 4-Pole Mission edition

It’s here!

I am so glad I got one of the assembled 4PM (as much as I love hardware I’m a software kind of guy when it comes to DIY). It sounds fantastic and is lots of fun to tweak.

I had some questions that were sorted in minutes by Olivier. That’s what I call service!

Thanks for a fun and unique piece of gear


ordered a kit :slight_smile:

if only every day was friday 13th

Lucky Guys… believe me this is a beast! Kind of Swiss Army Knife of Filters . . . . .

Snagged it! Bring us moar toys please! Wish every month had something new in store :stuck_out_tongue:

Very X-panderesque! Yarr!

I had forgotten all about Olivier mentioning a new filter board in the works some time ago! So this was an unexpected surprise.
I really don’t need 5 Shruthi’s… So of course I ordered one anyway :slight_smile:

So how does all this fancy filter shenanigans get configured in the GUI? I’ve not seen anything sneaked into .96 aimed at this…

And… Is this a limited kit, like the Polivoks kit was?

Just what I needed, more freaky filters in my life.
This is now next in the queue after I finish my digital filter board.


I have one already though… :slight_smile:

Good thing I got the white OLED at Reichelt in case I need to go beyond the LCD and make a deluxe version :slight_smile:

Here kitty kitty…

is that reichelt list right ?

there is a SMD led in it (LED 0603-360 RT) which is not mentioned in the BOM
also 3x 1N 4148 (BOM says 2x)


ok i see, the smd led if for the eye.
and the 1N 4148 is listed twice in the bom one time 1x and one time 2x

no mistakes after all.

Yups, SMT is right, its placed in the Eye of that beast on the Filter Board…

Ordered … :smiley:

Must… resist…

Thank you Your order was placed successfully.

Damn how did that happen? :))

Ooh, fcd72, what’s the white OLED model#? My Google-fu is not delivering the goods…

As far as i can see comes the Kit with a white LCD. White OLED should be this (without waranty!)

shameless self-promo:


UI-wise, you select a new entry, 4pm in the filter board selector and get a new menu. This new menu entry is disabled in all the builds I have distributed so far, but is enabled in the most recent build of the v0.96 on the site. The kits are obviously flashed with the right version, pre-configured for 4pm.

OLED Mouser part # is: 790-EAW162-X3LW

On order 10 weeks :-\\ $43.58 USD