Shruthi 1.02 and volca beats


Is it easy to sync Shruthi midi to volca beats midi? I’d like to have them synced so that rhythm from beats is synced and timing the Shruthi arpeggiator or sequencer.


Yes … midi out from shruthi to midi in from beats. And make sure the shruthi is sending midi clock, The volca beats only has midi in so normally this is the only way around. But you can easily mod a midi out onto a volca beats. Than you could also sync the shruthi to the volca.

Hi, I’m dealing with a problem on the Volca sample. Should work the same way as it does with de beats right?

when my shruthi midi setting is set to full, it doesn’t send a clock. When i set it to seq it does. But it also triggers the first note on the volca. When i mute that 1st part, the screen starts blinking MUTE, al the time. When i lower the volume i still hear a click from the sample. A way around could be to import an Empty Sample, en load that into the 1st part. Or… am I missing something.

Thnx in advance

Sounds like the Volca is being triggered by a note from the Shruthi, try setting the Shruthi to midi channel 11 or above? Seq mode is the only one that generates midi clock.

Great thnx!.. i thought it would work without syncing… but… when i press play in time. It gets out of sync after a couple bars… guess the tempo isn’t calibrated that well. Can i fix that somehow? Sometimes i found a nice arp/seq and i record it and then it just isn’t synced after i while.