Shruthi 1.01 not responding to CC bank changes?

I’m probably doing something wrong, but since upgrading to firmware 1.01, my Shruthis won’t change patch bank via Cubase bank changes (CC32). Program changes still work perfectly, but although I get the ‘~’ symbol on the display when trying to change banks, nothing actually changes. Any ideas, please?

To be consistent with Ambika, the bank change is now done with CC 0.

Ah, okay. Shall give that a shot now, thanks!

I’ve been trying to live with Shruthi using CC0, but I’m really struggling, as with Cubase it’s either CC32 or nothing. Is there any possibility of having an option to set bank change to CC32 instead, so that the Shruthis behave like the rest of my synths?

No, except building your own version of the firmware with the change (This line - Msb to Lsb).

Thanks for the tip, Olivier – shall have to look into compiling this tweaked version.