Shruthey - A new patch/sequence editor

I’ve made a new MaxMSP patch and sequence editor. Note that despite what it looks like, it is not at this time a Max for Live patch, it just uses the M4L interface elements. Since Live blocks SysEx messages I’ll have some extra hoops to jump through so I’ll get to that later (and compatibility with that upcoming M4L version explains why the UI is a bit on the small side). In the meantime, the Max version seems to be functioning OK (and of course will run in the free Max runtime I do have some new features in mind, but for now the basic functionality you need to edit a patch or sequence is there.

You can find it here:

It’s a bit beta-y at the moment, but I figure I could grow old and die tweaking it so now’s as good a time as any to send it out there and get some feedback. One big thing it’s missing is a manual but I think it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. If you are comfortable with the Shruthi-1, and perhaps Max, I think you shouldn’t have a problem (famous last words…).

Here’s some notes:

  • As you may know, not all the Shruthi-1 parameters are reachable by CC/NRPN so some need to be updated by sending a SysEx dump of the patch. Those blocks have the “no cc” label and they won’t update until small delay after you stop moving the knob. That is, they’re not “real time.”

  • Currently works with the LPF-only (SMR-4 and ??) and SVF filter boards.

  • The Arp and Seq settings save with the patch, which is not how it works on the Shruthi-1 (so I labelled those blocks with “*”). I thought this would be convenient, and it is, but after using it I realize it can be annoying sometimes. I’ll add a switch or something to allow you control whether that gets sent when you load a patch.

  • Any presets you save in the Max patch now should probably be transferable to a future version, but since it’s new I can’t promise 100% I won’t do something to mess that up.

  • Patches sent to the Shruthi-1 are not saved! They are just in temporary memory. If you wan’t to permanently store it on the Shruthi-1 you do it on the synth in the usual way.

Let me know what you think.

Larger image

Nice Layout/Design.


Very nice!

Thank you for sharing this!


Thank you!

Minor point - you have all the subpatches in the “library” folder - unless you add that to Max path, those subpatches won’t load. I recommend just pulling all of them out into the main patch folder - then it worked fine for me…

Hi… is there a chance of turning this into a standalone app?

Thank you!

@dnigrin - You don’t need to add the library folder to the Max search path. Instead, the Shruthey folder should be placed in the Max patches folder (Cycling '74 folder if you just have the Max Runtime version), or inside any other folder you’ve added to re Max search path.

@jipumarino - It will run in the free Max runtime so it is currently available to everyone. Is there another reason you’d like to see it standalone?

@cnc – Thanks, I just realized that… One more question though: When I turn some controls in Shruthey, I can see the control icon (~) in my Shruthi-1, but the parameter is not changing. Is there something I am missing?


@jipumarino - Which controls are you having a problem with? Is it consistent? The blocks labeled “no cc” will not update as you turn the knob but rather will wait until there’s a brief pause in interaction, However, you should then see the parameter change on the Shruthi-1. Those parameters don’t have cc/nrpn control, so I delay the message to avoid swamping it with MIDI. You should see the results in realtime for any parameter block not so labeled.

@jipumarino - Ah, also make sure your not looking at the wrong thing on the Shruthi-1 - e.g. manipulating LFO 2 on Shruthey but looking at LFO 1 on the Shruthi-1. I know that sounds obvious, but it’s easy to be careless that way. Happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.

my assumption being that this won’t work on a Shruti…I guess I’m gonna need a Shruthi to take advantage of totally awesome Seq & ModMatrix editing in a tasty Max’d out UI. darn.

@cnco – Thank again, when I tried I was pretty sure to be looking at the right parameters. I will however try tonight with my own physical MIDI controller using CCs, I’ve only tested note on/off and never tried changing parametrs through MIDI. Shruthey uses NRPNs, right?

@billygomberg - Your assumption is correct. Shruthi-1 is a whole lotta fun. I think perhaps you won’t regret it if you end up getting one!

@jipumarino - Right now the only MIDI that Shruthey accepts (or more to the point - passes on) is note info. It will ignore CC sent to it. I will, however, have an updated version soon that will allow you to send MIDI CC and OSC messages to Shruthey so you can map your favorite box-o-knobs or OSC controller (e.g. TouchOSC for iPad). That is: box-o-knobs-or-touchosc -> Shruthey -> Shruthi-1

Shruthey does send NRPNs (some Shruthi-1 controls don’t have CC so I just went with NRPN for all the params).

yeah I’m not worried about synths+regret. many, many years too late for that!

got it working after putting it in Cycling 74 folder, looks awesome! cant wait to try it out.

hi, 'looks great!
thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
looking forward to checking it all out!

This is great!
Thanks a lot for sharing this!
I just built my shruthi yesterday, and this is the cherry on the cake! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the OSC integration, and max4live patch…
I will study your patch and will learn so many precious informations…

Thank you so much

Take care


Have you guys succeed in linking your controller with this Max patch…
Everything is working but it doesn’t update my controller…Which is the main purpose for me…I think the problem might come from the “controller port” Menu…
Also if I choose something else than Channel 1 it still sends and receives in CH 1…
I will have a look at the inside of the patch, but if someone succeed in using this with his controller I would love to hear about…As I can’t reach cnco…

Cheers Brice