Shrut(h)i-jam at Dragonly Festival in Sweden

Me and my friend Rudi brought our shrut(h)is to the Dragonfly Festival this weekend and had a nice jam in the camp. They are fed 9 volts from the battery in the boombox and played through it as well. (it has a mixer) A nice jam at a nice festival!
Check out some pix and the video here:

I am the guy with the cap and Rudi is the one with the nice moustasche and bobbing head.
Gear used: Two shrutis, a bent prayerbox and an iphone running tweaky beats going through my shruti.

Too bad we didn’t film any longer clips. The Trash-Step we got going after awhile was insane :slight_smile:
It was the most fun I’ve had with my Shruthi yet.

Got a nice picture of it too:

And one more
And the lovely backside

trash step! sounds righteous.