Hi Folks

Looking for some feedback and guidance with a shrolca. It seems like a forked version of the Shruti synth and i am hopeful you all may have some experience with it.

Is there a factory reset for it?

Than kyou and fee free to delete this if this is too OT



No there is no « factory reset ». What do you want to reset anyway?

i got it sorted. Apparently when i bought mine joshua only loaded 10 presets into the shrolca. a friend got one from the kicstarter and it had a bunch --anyway i was mostly making sure mine was fully functional now i am havin fun with the factory presets and quite a few user generated .sysex presets.
He shared a folder with a more tweaked manual too

I know this is a shot in the dark but i wonder if it’s possible to load multiple sysex files into the shrolca?
I have sysex librarian and i was hoping to load the user contributed patches onto my device, but i am not sure if it’s possible. I loaded all the factory presets which are quite nice and i thought i’d load up a bunch at once, i can of course load each one save etc. but i wonder if i can start @ 129 and send the 220 extra presets into the machine. possible?