Shreditor beta 6

The beta 5 had already expired so it was about time. I haven’t finished the M4L plugin yet unfortunately.

As I announced with the previous release, I have removed the support for older firmware. The application is now only compatible with version 1.0 and up. I did this to simplify code and maintenance.

I am sorry to say that I have postponed Windows support for now, and might drop it entirely. It is currently hard for me to find the time to invest in this application, and the cross platform development hasn’t exactly been rewarding. I recently replaced my computer for which I now need to purchase a new Windows copy and I can’t justify it. There appear to be only a handful of Windows users, and I don’t have the ambition to ever develop an application for Windows again.

If you would really like to use this application on Windows please drop me an email at Once I have receive enough requests I will bring it back.

Beta 6

  • Implemented banks to replace patch scrolling list
  • Replaced vx.shruthi internal midi ports with external Max native midi handling
  • Removed <1.0 support
  • Fixed sysex headers and validation
  • Removed firmware check on device switch
  • Moved numbanks and version checks to eeprom transfer mechanism
  • Fixed bug in patch naming when hitting enter
  • Faster autozoom for sequencer interface

You can download things from:

speaking of which, is there a windows-based shruthi editor available somewhere?

"I am sorry to say that I have postponed Windows support for now, and might drop it entirely."
Sniff !
So, the Windows version has expired, and there won’t have any working version left, that’s it ?
Too bad, your editor seemed to be among the best ones (my Shruthi hasn’t been plugged to the computer for a while, so i didn’t used it much, but still, your editor is a great one !)

>>Removed <1.0

I’m not sure this is a good idea. 0.98 has a great asset: the ‘performance’ mode’ with its 4 real time controllers. Unfortunately this very useful and convenient feature has been dropped from 1.00.

I’m happy with my 0.98 Shruthi, so I will not upgrade.

I also use WIN7 so I guess I’ll have to stick to the older version of Shreditor :frowning:

I agree 0.98 is a must. After dropping Win we need alternatives.
Is there any experience with other Win editors?

Sorry to hear 1.0 is not an option for you. I did announce that I was planning to drop <1.0 when I released the previous version and no one responded by saying it was a bad idea. I might have done it anyway since it complicates things quite a bit.

My Windows user interest counter is currently at 5…

windows version yes please

count me in for the windows version

+1 for windows version