Shreditor beta 5

I’m happy to announce a new version of the Shreditor!

In the previous versions it turned out that OSX < 10.7 was not compatible, and there were issues with some versions of Windows. I’m hoping this beta5 solves all of that. There is also improved error reporting when things do go wrong.

Beta 5

  • New data root for Windows, solving user permission issues.
  • Now supports OS 10.5 and 10.6. Use of c++0x features made it >=10.7
  • GUI improvements
  • Expired and init fail alert popups
  • Printing version and expiration date from code
  • Added mapping of incoming CC from knob movements for xt firmware.
  • List option -none- for midi ports
  • Throttle system setting sysex updates to prevent overloading device on mouse drag.
  • Fixed feedback of system settings sysex when selecting midi poly chain modes.
  • Added labels for DigitalFx mode and program parameters
  • Fixed NRPN sending two invalid 2 byte messages on parameter index change
  • Corrected midi out modes for xt
  • Added support for Steiner Parker filter (xt only)

If you had already downloaded beta5 before I announced it, do it again because a lot of things changed in the last few days.

In order to keep the code maintainable and clean I’m planning to drop support for <1.0/XT firmware. When the Shreditor was first created XT didn’t exist yet, and so all xt changes have been added on top of the existing code. The editor has to switch between certain features based on the firmware. This is messy and time consuming to maintain. Also it wasn’t clear to me at the time if XT would be fully compatible with the older boards, but it turns out it is, and so I see no good reason to keep supporting it.

If you think otherwise, now is the time to try and convince me :slight_smile:

In the coming months I will focus on Ableton Live integration.

The firmware includes a build of v1.01 that I made earlier today. It fixes an issue with the official 1.01 firmware where driving the extra filter parameters via NRPNs doesn’t work for some parameters of the dfx/dly/svf boards. So if your Shruthi contains either of those boards I advise you to use the supplied version instead.

Let me know if you experience any issues.


Thank you.
I didn’t found the time to try earlier versions (the Shruthi is far from a computer for months now), but your projects looks great (feature wise and GUI-wise too :wink: ).
I have downloaded it, and will try it as soon as i plug the Shruthi to a computer.

Nice !

Hey @0x80! I think I’m missing something pretty fundamental about how to get the beta talking to my Shruthi. In the general sense I have my Shruthi working fine via midi; firmware updates, using it from DAWs etc.

After launching Shreditor, if I click on any of the slots, I get “No compatible Shruthi firmware version was detected on this port…”.


Any more details I can provide? Thanks!

Ditto here. I was unable to get it to work. Seems that MIDI out works, but not MIDI in.

Hmm weird. Ok here’s some troubleshooting you can try:

Set the aux input to none. It should be a different midi in port from your shruthi anyway. Then re-set/select the midi in port of your shruthi and hit shift-click on the device slot to save the preset. This will also re-trigger the firmware check.

Check with a tool like MidiMonitor to verify that the shruthi is actually receiving and sending back sysex messages.

You can hit cmd-m / ctrl-m to see the Max console output. Ignore the errors about pattr_obex and missing ports of Fireface and MPKmini (my own midi ports were accidentally saved with the build). If there are other errors let me know.

You can contact me quicker via emails to Let’s sort this out!

Will do once I’m home tonight; thanks!

Ok, I got it to work when I did the shift-click save and then clicked Request. Here are the errors I get, though, when I shift-click:

"Failed to open file …/DeviceSlot4.bin"
Expected sysex payload for cmd4 is 15, not: 5

Ha, that was exactly it; shift-click to save a new device, then did a request to get the Shruthi contents as they stand.

Note: I set midi out mode to “CTRL” on the Shruthi to get knob movements transmitted to Shreditor.

Nice work Thijs!

Glad to hear it worked out!

Yes if you want to have the knob movements transmitted you need to set the Shruthi midi out mode to either ctrl or full.

@Rexxe I’ll look into that sysex error, but I don’t think it’s anything crucial.

I also have problems. I updated the Shruti Version to 1.01, connected the Midi In+Out to my Soundcard and when I start the Shreditor it recognizes the Shruti (although it displays “Firmware 1.00”).

But when I click on Eeprom Request the Shruti’s Leds are blinking for sometime, but nothing happens anymore. The Max Runtime shows many Checksum Errors (“Checksum didn’t match”).

I can edit the parameters of the Shruti with the Shreditor, but can’t load the actual settings of the Shruti and sometimes the Values change randomly.

Any Ideas what is the problem?

Shreditor is probably not aware of the fact that firmware version 1.01 exists, and as such can’t handle the data you are sending it… Seems weird though, a update shouldn’t mess up an editor that much, although I can’t remember if there are any parameter changes for 1.01…

For me 1.01 has been working fine, but I’ve moved on to an XT only version dropping support for <1.0. I didn’t release it yet, so maybe it’s about time.

The Shreditor shouldn’t care if you’re running 1.0 or 1.01, since the sysex commands didn’t change between those versions. The beta 5 does a check to see what firmware you’re using and switches functionality between 0.98 and >=1.0. It’s likely I’ve done something stupid here so that it doesn’t properly handle 1.01. I’ll look into it and see if I can post the new version.

The reason why Shreditor is reporting 1.0 as the firmware instead of 1.01 is because that’s what it receives from the Shruthi. The returned minor version number is not correct in v1.01.

@himijendirx I’m not able to reproduce this on OSX with beta5 and firmware 1.01.

Can you give me some more details? What operating system / version are you using, and where did you get the 1.01 firmware from?

@Rexxe I can’t reproduce your errors either. What os / firmware are you using?

@Rexxe: I think your errors are harmless if the app appears to be working.

The file not being found should only happen if you are clicking on a device slot that doesn’t have any eeprom file on disk yet. Not sure under what circumstances that would happen though. Normally when you have a saved slot to click on there always has to be a file on disk, because it is generated the first time you created that slot.

The expected sysex payload error could be the result of a bug I’ve fixed already. Try to set the midi output mode to something else then “full”. I suspect it’s caused by sysex beging echoed from the shruthi input back to output and to the shreditor. But in any case should be harmless.

Would love to have a look at your editor, but the link does not seem to work anymore:

Access forbidden!

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If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

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