Shreditor Beta 4 (adding support for XT firmware)

The Shreditor is a full-featured editor for the Shruthi-1.

Feature Summary:

  • Clear user friendly interface.
  • Control over every available parameter including matrix, sequencer and settings.
  • Bidirectional communication. Active update of patch and sequence data in the interface.
  • Edit up to 8 devices simultaneously.
  • Device data transfer and mirroring.
  • Copy and paste patches and sequences between devices.
  • Patch list for fast browsing and naming.
  • Import and export of backups and patches.

For more info please read the user manual. The current release is public beta. The final version will be licensed.

Beta 4 changes:

  • Implemented XT compatibility mode, supporting firmware 1.0.
  • Firmware version checks through sysex.
  • Fixed bug where invalid sysex from Shruthi could corrupt editor midi handling.
  • Fixed crash when sending NRPN to invalid midi port.
  • User confirm popup warning when uploading data to device.
  • Fixed bug in sequencer velocity data interpretation.
  • Additional filter settings correctly stored locally.
  • Operator settings correctly stored locally.
  • Sequencer pgm change now uses MSB in 0.98 to match 1.0.
  • Matrix modulation reset buttons.
  • Fixed crashes when using the interface without first selecting a device slot.

You will have to install the updated firmware for beta 4. The downloads contain firmware files for both the latest 0.98 and 1.0 versions.


Will this be compatible with the new 1.0 rc firmware, or do we need to burn the included firmware?

I didn’t know about 1.0 rc, I’ll have to check. The included firmware is pretty much the recent git master branch, but I made a small but essential change two weeks ago which would not be in 1.0rc I guess, so the answer is no, for now use the included firmware.

Works well !
Nice touch to quickly change filters, for those of us with a … ehhh … collection of Shruthis.

Haven’t tried the sequencer yet - looks promising.

I learned about the upcoming XT firmware just recently. I will do an adapted version for XT, but quite a few changes will have to be made to the code and interface. So eventually there will be 2 versions, which is a bit of a pain maintenance wise but I have no choice. XT is a nice upgrade.

First up is the Windows release, and then sometime after that I’ll start on an XT version.

Very nice.
It looks good, and it is also a librarian and accepts several SHruthi versions/filtertypes.
I am looking forward to it !

I’m considering dropping support for Windows all together. If you are interested in a Windows version please send me a PM.

I’m sorry to say that this thing has become a real pain and unless there is enough interest I much prefer to get on with my life.

I can live with osx only!

Yes of course, any osx user will say that :smiley:


Im actually a Windows user too, and would probably use both depending on my workflow for that day, but the osx version is by far the best editor available so far, so can edit patches on the osx side only if that was your decision.

I’m agnostic. I do some dev work on OSX, some under Windows. The synths get edited mostly on iPad and on the OSX boxes, the Winbox also runs games. Never got why there has to be any OS antagonism. It’s your choice, depending on how a project was set up it can be a real PITA to port across.

@herrprof: Ah, I see :slight_smile:

… I don’t even know how to send a PM on this forum :?
Too bad to read that it looks a nightmare : i would have been interested into a Windows port of this editor.

I’d like a Windows version, but to be fair, it’s probably way more of a hassle for you than it is something I NEED

Considering the last Apple product I actually enjoyed using was my Apple II+, I’d be in the Windows camp, but, as @Admviolin said, probably more hassle than it’s worth.

So… no more Windows version.

how about a Linux version? or is that something only a pc n00b could ask?

@0x80. I just sent you a PM. I would really love to have a Windows version of the Shreditor. I switched over to Cubase on a PC after running Logic on a Mac for the past 15 years. The reason I switched was to be able to still run SoundDiver (which no longer works on a Mac) to control my 15 hardware synths. Yes, that’s how crazy dedicated I am to my hardware synths. :slight_smile:

@Percivale I will still make a Windows version if I think there is enough interest for it. At least it will be delayed, because I’m running out of time and I will move on to get the osx version released first.

Max itself is cross-platform but 90% of work went into c++ code for a custom object to talk with the Shruthi and I’m running into unforeseen trouble trying to port it. My experience with developing for windows is only minimal.

@Rosch, that is not an option unfortunately. The app is build in Max and only windows + osx are supported.