Should I get mono or stereo sound from Shruthi-1?

Hi all
My first ever DIY electronics project is almost completed, a new Shruthi-1 is born!
But after trying my Shruthi for the first time I was kinda surprised to hear sound only on left channel…

I understand this a monophonic synth (only one note at a time, no chords). I know that.
Shouldn’t the sound be stereo, just like the sound demos on the site ?

Any idea what to check or do, if something’s wrong ?

Your help would be much appreciated as I am new to electronics…


…using SMR-4 mkII filter. All parts from standard kit.

What type of Cable/Mixer/Soundcard/Whateverdevicethatfurtherprocessesyoursound did you use?

Nope, it’s mono - What would generate the second (right) channel when there only is one voice ?
I’m guessing that the demo’s either simply copy the left channel to the right, or that some simple form of delay/stereo enhancer was used to add to the illusion of a stereo image (this is quite easy to do, but I’m fairly sure that it’s just a copy of the left channel).

(You could mod a stereo “receptacle” to copy the output to both left and right channels, but you would incur some form of volume loss, and there’s no real reason to do it this way)

@fcd72 :
Headphones plugged directly into Audio Out jack, for testing before final parts assembly…

Nothing wrong with your shruthi, it’s supposed to be this way :slight_smile:

Once done, if you can select two channels for your mono input (IE, tell your DAW program that input 7 is stereo, when in reality it is only mono), you will get a “stereo” output. This will of course be at the same level, therefore really mono, but with some form of delay, or reverb you can easily create the illusion of stereo sound.

Your Headphones use a Stereo Jack - in the Shruthi theres just a Mono Jack that means only tip (Left channel on Stereo) and GND is connected. There is simply nothing that connects to your Right Driver.
BTW you can be lucky you didnt damage your Hearing…

Like most of the synths (including all vintage synths and analog synths), the Shruthi-1 is mono. The output jack is not for connecting headphone since it has a very loud level.

Synths with stereo out have internal FX usually to create a stereo image using chorus, reverbs etc. Shruthi-1 doesn’t so it’s mono, just run it through FX to get a stereo sound.

I recommend a Lexicon MX-300 for optimum results - or a 960L if you arent that tight on Budget :wink:

Wow MI has a nice community !
Thanks guys, moving on to complete the project !

That’s what I thought, and yes my hearing felt it

thx for tip

Any hardware device suggestion that might do the trick for stereo illusion ?

Another Shruthi. That’s what I did, one panned slightly left and one slightly right, both controlled from the same keyboard. Most of the boxes used to turn a mono source into something stereo-ish cost about the same as another Shruthi or more.

You could go anywhere from a 30€ Guitar Pedal to the 4000€ Eventide H8000, the question is what are you aiming for?
If you want to just record a nice stereo Sound use your DAWs onboard PlugIn FX. If you want something weird search for some Pedals. If you want a Bread-and-Butter Multieffect for Homerecording look for an Alesis Midiverb. If you want the GreaterThanLifeSound™ look for a Lexivon MX-300 upwards… there are Myriads of options and ways to spend your money, none of them is right or wrong…

Many of them Insanely expensive though :smiley:

Treat the Synth like a guitar, they both have a single mono output. The best effects to use are a reverb set to room or hall, and possibly a stereo delay, idealy with a ping pong setting, this gives an echo that bounces From left to right

Oh and use free vst plug ins first to learn with

Allrighty, will definetely be looking into these !
Thanks again, all of you. B-)

*putting sunglasses, so I can, so I can, “see” the music that’s right before my “eyes”

Id recommend a trip to your favorite Music Store to test. My favorite at the moment is the Lexicon MX-300 for its Reverb + Chorus - kills everything you can get with your DAW or for free, same league (while being totally different) as the Roland Analog Chorus but without all the Noise.

I use ableton. I made a rack for this purpose. Audio into it is then split into 2, withe a knob for width. One channel goes straight through and the other has a totqlly wet simple short delay.

doesn’t every mixer with panning do the job? if you’re going in a guitar amp you don’t need stereo anyway