Should I change this?

Do you think this would make things a bit more logical?

Osc 1 page :

Shape / Param / Tune / Sub osc shape

Osc 2 page :

Shape / Param / Tune / Fine

Mix page :

Operator / Balance / Sub amount / Noise amount


  • The sub osc is hijacking oscillators’ 1 pitch, so it’s good to keep it close to it.
  • It would be nice to see the mixing operator on the mixing page after all.

[Note that this will only affect the Shruthi UI - it won’t break the behaviour of the programmer or change the patch format or CC map].

Please not, i think the Sub/Osc Mix Page is just perfect and mixing 2 Oscs (even if its “only” the sub) would clutter up the UI for Non-Programmer-Users… or to put it another way: Please dont spread the SubOscs parameters over 2 Pages.

Please not, i’d have to redesign my controller- but besides that it surely would make sense.
what fcd72 says about 2 pages makes sense too.
I’m used to it now the way it is.
Please not :smiley:

edit: actually i like the math control on the osc1 page very much, as this has really as much effect on the sound as osc1. changes on osc2 and the mixer page aren’t that massive, so the way it is represents the weight, at some point.

[Note that this will only affect the Shruthi UI – it won’t break the behaviour of the programmer or change the patch format or CC map].

oh, just read that!
so i guess that means the programmer pots will keep their dedicated function, so the only effect would be that the menue jumps to the mixer page when changing the operator (math) mode?

i think i’ll change my control surface, as there’s still time for it, so it represents the actual menu structure.

are there more fundamental changes (panel wise) to be expected, say in the near future?

i’ve already designed the dials for the lfo mode like any other pots to be flexible in case of menu changes. the oscillator math was the last switch-like dial (and will be in the future)

No other UI change is planned. I’m not even sure I’ll keep this. The best way to test would be to spend some time with the unit programming patches!

It sounds logical, but regarding patch programmming, it’s a 50:50.

When you have Sub Shape and Sub Vol on the same Page, you can bring up the SubOsc, change it’s shape till you like it or turn it down again.
Same thing would be possible if you had the Operator and it’s Balance / RingMod / XOR / Fuzz Parameter on the same page, i.e change from sum to fuzz and see how you could change the Mix/Fuzz parameter.

However, my vote would be keep it as it is, as tweaking the SubOsc is bit more important to me than the Operator, at least during my first programming experiences in the last days.