Shorts between MCU and LCD

hi, this is my first attempt at anything electronic. My LCD is acting strange, so i checked for shorts between many of the LCD pins and the MCU (which I assume is the Atmega).
I guess the AVR is damaged. So Where is the AVR located and is it repairable or do i get a new one. All my solder joints are clean and tight.
Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks a heap

Forgot to mention… there are shorts between the pins

between the pins of the lcd?
the AVR is the Atmega 644, are there bridges too?
you can reheat the bridged pins and suck the solder out, after that when it’s clean try to solder them again.
post a pic of your board if you like

yes there are shorts between the pins of the lcd. by bridges do you mean shorts between non adjacent pins?

No, shorts between adjacent pins caused by solder bridges. I hope that is what causes your shorts. I think Rosch also wanted to ask if the shorts are only on the pins of the LCD or also on the pins of the Atmega.

there are shorts between various pins on the lcd, not only adjacent ones. also between pins on the Atmega

If they’re caused by solder bridges (the solder turned into one blob instead of smaller individual bits) you have to heat the solder again and remove it, either with a desoldering pump or with desoldering bra(i)d. Once the bridges between the pins are gone there will probably not be enough solder for a good joint, so you will have to add some more solder but this time be careful so that no new bridges are created. It can take some practice to do this right every time and it’s not easy to describe. Try to move the point of the soldering iron up from the pad along the leg instead of from side to side.

Pleas post a High Res Pic of both Sides of your Board.