Shortcut to change parts on Yarns?

Does anyone know of a key combo or shortcut that changes which part you are editing in 2 or 4 voice modes? Normally you have to scroll back to PA and change it there. I thought I had heard of a quicker way but can’t remember it. Did I dream it???

Well sorry, there is no such shortcut!

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I’m amazed. I can’t imagine where I got this idea! It would be a good added feature. Thank you for the info and your exquisite work.


What parameters of each Part are you trying to change exactly? While there’s no shortcut on the module, This is possible easily when controlling Yarns through MIDI using it’s MIDI implementation.

In 4M mode, you set Yarns like:
Part 1 - Channel 1
Part 2 - Channel 2
Part 3 - Channel 3
Part 4 - Channel 4

If you want to change different parameters belonging to Part 1, you send the correct CC messages on MIDI Channel 1. Want to change a parameter on channel 3? Send the correct CC message on channel 3.
So you’re not editing the Part number. You’re editing parameters belonging to a particular Part number on the Part’s MIDI channel. If that makes sense?

I see you’ve asked in a different thread about the “Needles” controller I built. This is exactly one of the things I do with it. It’s fast. If you control Yarns with a DAW you can set it up as well to do this.

Excellent post thanks very much