Short Ambika build report in german

heya, I wrote a short build report in a german bb

Can’t read German but your video is great ! Nice reverb too. Looking forward to finish building mine…

sadly it is not my video … it was one I found and I like … i promised in the thread that I make sound own examples at the weekend

but you are right, its an awesome video :slight_smile:

Well I knew I had watched it before but I assumed you were the one behind it ! As you say it is one of the very few awesome Ambika videos out there…


some information about the voicecards are not correct thought.
the svf: its not 2x svf with paralles/serial like on the shruthi voicecard, but just one multimode 2pole
4p: it’s just 4pole lowpass (no multimode like on the shruthi)

ah thanks, I will correct it